‘Blair’ pair out of woods

After striking it big with “The Blair Witch Project” in 1999, Dan Myrick and Ed Sanchez seemed to disappear into the Maryland woods.

But they’ve found the trail back to Hollywood.

Sanchez is in post-production on “Altered,” a horror/sci-fi pic set for release from Focus Features’ genre label Rogue, possibly in 2006. Myrick will soon begin shooting “Solstice,” a supernatural thriller for Endgame Entertainment; and a docu-style horror feature called “Raw Feed” for Warner Home Video.

So where has the pair been? Mostly rejecting genre scripts like the doomed “Exorcist” prequel, Sanchez says — and getting into studio tangles.

The pair, who met at film school at the U. of Central Florida, saw their “Blair Witch” association end in a lawsuit with Artisan over the sequel, which also dashed hopes the distrib would greenlight their comic screenplay “Heart of Love.”

The pair say they’ve benefited from watching the trends their film helped spark: the boom in low-budget horror pics, and the rise of viral marketing campaigns.

“We’ll never repeat the success of ‘Blair Witch,’ ” Myrick says. “But we have an understanding of why it happened, and that helps us.”

Given the vagaries of the studio system, they say a hiatus isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“People these days graduate film schools and studios throw $40 million at them,” Myrick says. “Then they wonder why the movies blow up. I’d rather be patient and earn my stripes.”

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