Female Fans May Not Approve ‘Black Book’ Star’s Behavior

“Black Book’s” boy: Last week proved to be a tough one for Ryan Seacrest and his crew at “On Air With Ryan Seacrest.” The daily variety talk show got the ax from distributor Twentieth Television, and the news broke Wednesday, the same day Ron Livingston stopped by to promote his movie “Little Black Book.” “Everything seemed a bit wistful,” Livingston said a few hours after leaving the show’s Hollywood & Highland headquarters. “(Ryan) got it up for the show, but I could tell it was hard day for all of them.” It’s just one stop for Livingston on his current tour for the Revolution Studios romantic comedy that finds his character under the microscope of his current girlfriend (Brittany Murphy) about some allegedly secret former girlfriends. It’s a part that could find the Iowa native at odds with female fans again after his arc opposite Sarah Jessica Parker on “Sex and the City.” (Remember, his character broke up with Carrie Bradshaw using a Post-It note, much to the dismay of the show’s diehard fans.) “Both of these parts are guys who have to walk the line a little bit, and it’s a tough line to walk,” he said. “You need to be someone who believes his own bullshit a little. And in both, I was trying to bring a guy’s perspective in what might otherwise be considered a women’s show or a chick movie.” But it’s the latter that has landed him on bus posters and billboards arm in arm with Murphy, whom he calls “tireless.” He’s had to keep up the energy lately, too, with recent work from “Book” to the indies “Winter Solstice,” “American Crude” and the currently lensing “Pretty Persuasion.” “I’m trying to shake it up a bit, and I’m getting a chance to,” he said.

Camera-ready: “I actually feel like a real person now, well, except for all the cameras.” So said Allison Melnick on Friday night during her going-away party at Concorde. Melnick, who has spent years on the front lines of the hottest clubs in both New York and Los Angeles as a “door girl” and all-around nightlife specialist, got to actually step inside the club for a change and host her own toasting of a new career turn from club girl to cable girl. She has left her post with Brent Bolthouse to start a career on the small screen, launching with a reality show for Spike TV that finds her moving to Las Vegas this week and staying for a couple of months. During that time, crews will tail her and world-famous DJ Paul Oakenfold to see what happens when the two take over the not-so-hot club ICE and try to warm it up as the place to be in Sin City. “It’s weird to actually be inside for a change,” she said to Reporter at Large during a private 40-person dinner (complete with rolling cameras for the show) at the club before the crowds swarmed in to say goodbye. “I can actually talk to my friends.” Quality time was spent with those friends, including Lindsay Lohan, Wilmer Valderrama, Randy Jackson, Shane West, Riley Smith, Samaire Armstrong, Dash Mihok, Danny Masterson, Cris Judd, Rick Yune, Jessica Meisels, Jen Goldman and J.C. Chasez. … Speaking of promoter, producer and nightlife guru Bolthouse, he’s adding another entry on his resume, too. Starting today, he launches his weekly radio show “Brent Bolthouse Presents Monday Nights at Indie” for local radio station Indie 103.1. Of the new gig, he says: “I’ve been a huge supporter and fan of Indie 103.1 since Day One. Music has been such a huge part of the success of my clubs, and I look forward to bringing a new sound to Monday Nights at Indie, playing the music I love and grew up with.”

Bring on the burgers: And while Brittany Murphy is busy selling her “Little Black Book,” the actress still is not ignoring all the other movies in the marketplace. Well, at least not the hamburgers associated with a certain other film in the marketplace. Murphy is just one of many celebs who stopped by the temporary Sunset Boulevard stand for “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle” to pick up a free burger from the famous chain. From July 22 through Sunday, New Line and White Castle served up the sandwiches for four hours every night, first doling out one burger per person before porking up to four a head. The demand was strong, according to a New Line rep, with Martin Lawrence, Vivica A. Fox, Carmen Electra, Dave Navarro, Blair Underwood and Ian Ziering cruising by to grab a bite. Rumor has it that a driver swung by right at closing time in a Bentley and offered the management $2,000 to stay open and serve him some free patties. “It’s been crazy,” the studio spokesperson said of their now-vanished version of the mostly Midwestern chain. “And we see a lot of people running up with, like, an Ohio State T-shirt on wanting to tell their own White Castle story from college. It’s a mirage to them out here.”

No lie: John Leguizamo is upset. Very upset. And with cornrows, sunglasses and a fly, fitted suit, he looks like somebody not to be messed with. He, however, wants to mess with a disheveled and distraught James Marsden, who at the moment is looking to enter the lobby of a hotel, unaware that Leguizamo is on his trail. The two, of course, are acting, and the alleged hotel is actually downtown’s L.A. Center Studios, which is serving as the home for the Summit Entertainment/Endgame Entertainment production “The Alibi.” It’s Thursday, five days away from wrapping, and everyone is calm, cool and collected even though the filmmakers are prepping for a busy final week with many of the ensemble members converging on set for the some crucial scenes. “This really is the culmination of the whole movie,” Summit’s Erik Feig says of the day’s schedule, which will also find the film’s leads, Steve Coogan and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, stepping in front of cameras at the direction of freshman helmers Kurt Mattila and Matt Checkowski. The pair’s claim to fame is their commercial reel and a golden gig working with Steven Spielberg doing visual effects on some crucial sequences for “Minority Report.” But now, it’s the homestretch for their debut. “Yeah, five days and we’re done with this part of the process,” Checkowski says. “It’s unbelievable. We’ve been on this movie for a year and a half.” Oh, and as for Leguizamo, he’s now standing next to a town car, frantically dialing his cell phone, still on Marsden’s trail.

Game time: Video game bashes are always big business on the events train, and last week wasn’t any different. On Wednesday night, celebs found shelter for their gaming fetish at Shelter in West Hollywood for the launch of “Madden NFL 2005” from Xbox Live and EA Sports. And sharing the spotlight with the popular game franchise was Muhammad Ali, who turned out for the launch, walking down the red carpet and tossing out a few air punches for photographers. Getting their hands on the new game and grabbing glances of the boxing legend were Vince Vaughn, Nicole Richie, Andy Dick, Bill Bellamy, Howie Dorough and Danny Masterson, among others.

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