IFC takes North America on …So Goes The Nation

IFC Entertainment has picked up North American rights to the political documentary …So Goes The Nation, which receives its world premiere in Toronto. The film is directed by Endgame Entertainment founder James Stern and Adam Del Deo.

…So Goes the Nation explores America’s tumultuous electoral process and focuses on the infamous Ohio vote count in the 2004 Presidential election between George W Bush and John Kerry.

Stern and Del Deo interviewed voters and gained access to such high-ranking strategists as chairman of the Republican National Committee Edward Gillespie, and his Democrat counterpart Terry McAuliffe. IFC plans a multi-platform release through its First Take label on Oct 4.

“This is an engaging documentary that, in addition to addressing the US political machine as a whole, opens the viewers’ eyes to the calculated strategies of top political insiders and the voting process in a way that hasn’t been done before,” IFC Entertainment president Jonathan Sehring said.

“We are thrilled to have IFC as our distribution partners,” Stern added. “They understand that in making an analytical film versus one that is polemic, we feel we have a better chance at having an impact on viewers and stimulating a real dialogue”.

Sehring and IFC’s Elizabeth Nastro and Ryan Werner negotiated the deal with Stern, Doug Hansen and John Sloss on behalf of Endgame Entertainment.

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