Schuyler Moore

Firm: Stroock & Stroock & Lavan

The practice: Long known as a tax lawyer who literally wrote the book about the business — it was appropriately titled “The Biz: The Basic Business, Legal and Financial Aspects of the Film Industry” — in recent years, Moore, 51, has morphed into a kind of outside general counsel for a host of independent production companies.

Among his numerous recent projects: He did the legal work for ClickStar, the joint venture between chipmaking giant Intel and Morgan Freeman that produces original films for download shortly after their theatrical release; he is in the midst of a large financing transaction for Summit Entertainment; he is working on a foreign film fund for Endgame Entertainment; and he closed a Section 181 U.S. tax deal for Inferno.

Moore put together the deal on “Goal!” the soccer trilogy largely financed by Adidas.

He is helping Japanese film giant Kadokawa with further expansion. Plus, he’s had his hands full as the general counsel of First Look, where CEO Henry Winterstern recently resigned.

Moore is a prolific writer, frequent speaker and popular adjunct professor at UCLA Law School.

POV: Moore, who is well known for his traffic-stopping pronouncements about the state of the entertainment business, had this to say about current film financing trends: “Bush has destroyed the dollar, and therefore film production in the United States has totally shifted. (The devalued dollar) plus state tax credits and no more foreign tax funds means it is now cheaper to shoot in the United States than foreign.”

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