‘The Discovery’ director Charlie McDowell’s latest step: Exploring the afterlife

With “The One I Love,” a lo-fi gem about a vacationing couple that stumbles upon its doppelgangers, the filmmaker Charlie McDowell established himself as a brave new voice — a master of the original and screwball. His new movie, “The Discovery,” is different. The production is bigger, sexier and of the moment. The futuristic story arrives from Netflix — the film debuted Friday on the service and also opened theatrically in selected cities, including Los Angeles). Unlike “The One I Love” it was not shot in the home of the director’s mother and stepfather, Mary Steenburgen and Ted Danson. It even comes with stars and a whiff of the tabloid: McDowell wrote the part for Rooney Mara, his longtime girlfriend, only to find himself finishing the movie after they broke up. But as he takes a step up the Hollywood ladder, McDowell wants film fans to know that he hasn’t sacrificed intimacy and relatable interactions even if he’s working on a bigger scale. “Human nature,” he said, “is the most interesting backdrop for a movie.”

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