‘Truck’ gets into gear

Endgame Entertainment and family entertainment producer Brandissimo! have partnered to develop and produce “Meteor the Monster Truck,” a computer-animated cartoon property for preschoolers.

“Meteor” chronicles the missions and dreams of a hard-playing group of young monster trucks, including Meteor, Jose, Junkboy and Ponytail.

Twenty-six episodes are in production; they will be available on DVD in November.

A feature film and additional projects, including toys and computer games, are in active development.

“Because the entertainment and developmental needs of preschool-age boys are specific, we have created ‘Meteor the Monster Truck’ around boy play patterns. With an emphasis on delivering fun, these stories will teach young boys how to positively channel their physical energy and learn appropriate social boundaries,” said David Snyder, one of the “Meteor” creators.

Snyder and Bill Gross are children’s entertainment specialists and former Walt Disney creative execs who worked on the preschool series “Thomas the Tank Engine” as well as other TV properties.

Endgame, founded in 2003 and headed by James D. Stern, currently has more than 10 projects in production, with two to be released this fall, including “Proof,” a co-production with Miramax, based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning play and starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Anthony Hopkins.

Brandissimo! was founded by Snyder, Gross and Frank Fraser, the former creative director of Disney Consumer Products. With CCI Entertainment and Collingwood-O’Hare Entertainment, Gross and Snyder are exec producers of “Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs,” part of Cartoon Network‘s new Tickle U preschool lineup.

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